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Xbox Game Pass August 2022 Which First Party Games?

Xbox Game Pass August 2022 Which First Party Games?

The first batch for Xbox Game Pass August 2022 games has been announced, along with their dates. For this month, we see that there are 7 separate games in the first batch .

For now, I don’t know what games we’ll see later in the month, but let’s first look at the games and dates for the first party.

Xbox Game Pass August 2022 First Party Games

Let’s make a difference this time, let’s reverse the history. Let’s start from the end to the beginning.

August 11

  • Expeditions Rome – PC
  • Offworld Trading Company – PC
  • Cooking Simulator – Both PC and console

August 9

  • Two Point Campus – both console and PC

August 4

  • Turbo Golf Racing – PC and next-gen console
  • Shenzhen I/O – PC

August 2

  • Ghost Recon Wildlands – Both PC and console

This is the list announced for the first batch of the month. There doesn’t seem to be a game that is very surprising. Let’s see the games that will come later in the month, and then we will make a general comment for Game Pass August 2022 .

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