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World of Warcraft Mobile Canceled! So why?

World of Warcraft Mobile Canceled! So why?

Blizzard mentioned that they were developing a new mobile game about 3 years ago. The details of the project were kept secret, but it was known that the game , which was stated to be announced as a World of Warcraft mobile game , was developed with the partnership of Blizzard and NetEase .

While waiting for the release announcement for the game, the situation has changed according to new claims made by Bloomberg. So much so that it was said that the game was cancelled.

Why Was the World of Warcraft Mobile Game Canceled?

Again, according to the information revealed by Bloomberg, the reason for the cancellation of the game is the financial disagreements between Blizzard and NetEase. The fact that the two companies could not agree on the financial issue caused the development stages of the game to be stopped.

Thus, the hopes for the mobile game, which we expect to be an MMORGP type production and approach the World of Warcraft universe from a different time period, have decreased a little more.

Of course, it should be noted that the statements of the two companies on the subject are also important. We do not know if they will make a statement, but perhaps it can be said that the development phase of the game will continue in the future.

If there is a new announcement on this subject, we will include it in our news. For now, that’s the case for the mobile World of Warcraft game .

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