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Wolcen: Update [04.08.22]

Wolcen: Update [04.08.22]


  • By default, the system automatically selects the nearest available target within a cone in front of the player’s character. If there is no target in this cone, the closest target is selected regardless of direction.
  • When attacking an enemy already in the system’s field of view, the target will “hold” that enemy for a short period of time. The system will not select another target unless a small window of time has passed without a subsequent attack from the player, and there is another closer target, or the original target is dead.
  • The system comes with a target lock button that will continue to lock the system indefinitely as long as the button is held down.
  • Note that some abilities override this system, such as abilities with an area of ​​effect that can be placed manually.
  • character sheet
  • Two versions of the player’s inventory, one for keyboard and mouse use and one for use with a controller. The visible user interface depends on which input method you are currently using.
  • Player’s storage chest.
  • Player cosmetics: paints, armor skins, and pets.
  • Item hints.
  • Loot filter.
  • Trading screens.
  • A series of navigation menus for changing screens while using the controller.
  • Main menu.
  • Options menu.



  • Armor skins, paints and pets are now combined into one menu for quick access.
  • The character info screen has been redesigned to display more information in well-defined categories. In addition, the character information sheet now automatically opens with the inventory, so you can easily track stat changes when changing equipment.
  • Autosort buttons have been added to the player’s inventory and storage chests. Clicking the button will automatically organize your inventory or a specific vault page.
  • Active skill modifiers in the Skills and Modifiers screen now have categorized icons so you can immediately identify what each modifier does.

In addition, we will be adding additional features after release, including:




  • remapping buttons on controllers,
  • Templates for controllers,
  • Rumble options.
  • Fixed a skill issue where the Erupting Flesh active skill modifier for Plague Outbreak was not properly increasing the skill’s damage.
  • Fixed a skill issue that caused the Consumable Meat active skill modifier for Plague Outbreak to show damage dealt to the summoned player when it exploded.
  • Fixed a skill issue where the Deadly Guest active skill modifier for Plague Outbreak would incorrectly summon rats when allied summons exploded.
  • Fixed a UI issue where clicking on Xanafer Stark while her shop interface was open would result in the current tab being blank.
  • Fixed an issue with items that caused bows to be treated as secondary and not as weapons when comparing items.
  • Fixed an animation issue where female characters wielding two pistols and a melee weapon would not get stuck in the animation while attacking with a melee attack, resulting in animation desync due to damage ticks.
  • Fixed an issue with the visual effects that caused the visual effect of the ice ring of the Winter’s Grasp active skill modifier “Ice Blast” to incorrectly trigger when an enemy was killed by this skill instead of being frozen by it.
  • Fixed a UI issue in Multiplayer where the “Return to Last Checkpoint” button would briefly disappear for all players after it was pressed by one of the players.


                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

Follow All Steps Given

  1. Click on the “Download Game” button to start Installation.
  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.


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