Will the Dark Souls servers be back soon? There is a new official update

Will the Dark Souls servers be back soon? There is a new official update

The wait for the return of the PC servers of the Dark Souls trilogy has become much longer than expected: a serious bug discovered in their infrastructure had in fact forced Bandai Namco and FromSoftware to intervene hard, temporarily closing one of the most popular features.

In fact, we recall that the serious flaw was discovered during the pre-launch period of Elden Ring (you can buy the Launch Edition for fast delivery on Amazon ), thus forcing developers and publishers to make sure that the same problems did not occur even in the ambitious open. world.

A definitely drastic decision that has come to well exceed 100 days , to the point that the official Steam pages of the franchise no longer report Dark Souls as a multiplayer series , leaving some fans to imagine that the closure was becoming definitive.


However, FromSoftware had clarified in recent months that this was not the case at all and that the first interventions to restore the servers would soon begin, starting from Dark Souls 3 : well, it seems that in the last few hours a pleasant confirmation has arrived directly from the game files.

The well-known SteamDB platform in fact reports that Bandai Namco has launched a new update for the debug version of Dark Souls 3 , which of course is not normally accessible to the general public (via PCGamesN ).


It is the first time in several years that the debug version of the third Dark Souls is actually updated: there are therefore concrete possibilities that the update concerns a possible fix to the online servers , currently under test.

Of course this does not represent a definitive confirmation of what could actually be the contents of the mysterious patch, but considering that FromSoftware has admitted that it would have started working on server fixes from this chapter, it is certainly possible to cross your fingers with greater optimism.

We will therefore see if the next few hours will be the decisive ones to put an end to a decidedly problematic removal for soulslike fans: we will keep you promptly updated in case of further news.


In the meantime, if you consider yourself a big fan of one of the most award-winning franchises ever, you might want to get your hands on these precious and beautiful Dark Souls tomes .

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