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What’s New in FIFA 23? Here are In-Game Videos and What’s New

What's New in FIFA 23? Here are In-Game Videos and What's New

FIFA 23 has been announced. As the new game was announced, the discussion started. The subject of the discussion is clear. Does it make sense to switch to the new game or continue from FIFA 22? This debate comes up with every new FIFA game. Because most of the people think that big changes are not made in every new game. So what’s the situation for FIFA 23? Let ‘s take a look at FIFA 23 innovations and evaluate this situation in more detail.

What’s New in FIFA 23? Gameplay Innovations

We will cover the major changes made in the game one by one. I will also include the page shared by EA below for more details. EA has added every detail on this page it created. Let’s take a look at our big changes.

New Animations and New Gameplay Structures with HyperMotion2 Plus

The more you increase the reality in FIFA games, the more successful you will be. The more the players capture the spirit of football and live the atmosphere, the more they show interest in the game.

EA has deployed HyperMotion2 technology to achieve this and create a more realistic football atmosphere . More than 6,000 animations close to real football have been added to the game, along with advanced capture and machine learning technology .

To achieve this, the team organized 11v11 matches with professional names, with both women’s teams and men’s teams, and caught the action with special equipment. The captured data was transferred to the game with machine learning, which resulted in more realistic football elements in the game.

It is obvious that there is a serious effort. We will see how effective this change in the game will be after we play the production. What I can say for now and from the videos, the animations are definitely more successful and the movements are more realistic as desired.

We can say that now there are more and more realistic animations in the game. HyperMotion2 affects the entire game structure.


Updates for Women’s Football

Female football players have already been added to the FIFA series. However, with FIFA 23, more importance was given to women’s football teams. For one thing, not only national teams but also clubs will take part in women’s football. HyperMotion2 privileges are used here, too, in order to create a structure specific to women’s football and to better perceive the movements .

Filming was done with two professional women’s teams and realistic movements were captured. At the end of this, new moves for women’s teams, new motion visuals for some special football players and animations specific to women were also added to the game.

As a result, women’s teams will be more realistic and we will be able to clearly understand their differences compared to men’s teams.

ML-Jockey Feature

ML-Jockey , which will be a plus for the defender, will provide players with more options when defending. Players will also have taken new measures against technical dribbling during defense.

Again, we can say that the feature, which is activated by combining the data from real matches with machine learning, is a more rational version of the standard Jockey system. The consistency and fluidity of the jockey feature is enhanced with machine learning. I’m attaching a video to explain it better.

Technical Dribbling

Technical dribbling, based on an active touch system to enable a football player to calculate the path to the ball more rationally , will improve the sense of movement while controlling the ball. With the ball, turns and dribbling will be more realistic, but also more controlled.

A New Acceleration Feature

Players will have a new feature. This feature, which we can show as AccelRate , will allow players to accelerate differently according to their abilities.

We will see that there are Controlled, Explosive, Tall options. For example , players with Explosive acceleration will accelerate faster than players with other features at the first acceleration.


Free Kicks and Corners Change

The following luck element on free kicks is reduced. This was one of my favorite features among FIFA 23 innovations . We will now control a reticle when using a free kick. It will be possible to set cleaner and clearer strokes. Thus, the element of luck in hits will also be reduced.

While a similar change is being made for the corner system, we will have more options when building dams in this new system. For example, FIFA 23 innovations , such as a football player can be put behind the dam, since harder hits can be made under the dam .

Powerful Shots Feature

Among the FIFA 23 innovations , there is also an innovation in the shooting system. With the Power Shot feature, players will be able to shoot with extra power and higher accuracy in shots.

But players will need a little more time to use this shot than the standard shot. It can be shown as a smash type that you can use often when you are empty around.

Penalties Are Changing

Even in FIFA 22 , penalties were annoying for me. You will find the corner. You will adjust the intensity of the shot and keep the stick in the goal. He often turned into a penalty-missed game.

This is among the FIFA 23 innovations . Penalty shootouts are now changing. Users will now see a constantly changing circle around the ball. When this circle is narrowest, the best shot selection will be made.

New Shot Shot

Another innovation, called Composed Ball Striking , will provide a more realistic order in the balls that need to be checked first and then shot. Again , in the system prepared with HyperMotion2 plus, players will see more realistic animations and smoother transitions when the ball needs to be controlled first.

In these cases, the quality of the shots will also be improved.

New Passing Dynamics

We will also see innovations in the rust structure. The status of passing skills will change more clearly according to player abilities. Improvements will be noticeable, especially for out-of-foot passes . Here, too, we will see hundreds of new animations.

There will also be adjustments and improvements for goalkeeper passes, which players frequently complain about.

What's New in FIFA 23? Here are In-Game Videos and What's New

More Skill Moves

There will be 4 new star skill moves that we will see especially in star players . Besides, we will see 3 new fake shot moves. Moreover, this time we will be able to practice left foot skill movements .

Attack Positioning Arrangements

There are also innovations for attack positions. There are innovations such as the dual teammate support feature to support the ball , the midfielders constantly asking for the ball and heading towards the players who have the ball.

Improvements have also been made in offside runs. In the new game, players will be more wary of offside. Conditions will be tighter.

A player who is in an offside position and running towards the ball can be stopped with the super cancel feature if desired. In this case, the offside will not be played and the game will not be stopped.

What's New in FIFA 23? Here are In-Game Videos and What's New

Kinetic Headball Battles

One of the interesting ones among the FIFA 23 innovations . Kinetic air battles feature is included to create more interaction between the goalkeeper and the player who hits the head ball. With the update to the goalkeepers, interactions have been added that allow goalkeepers to jump more confidently to catch a cross.

Innovations in Defense

FIFA 23 is also being renewed in defense, because there are important differences in the attack part. It needs to be adjusted accordingly. With the new feature called reflex blocks , it will be possible to make more effective blocks when the defender does not have time for a controlled block.

Apart from that, hard shifting interventions are also added to the game. The feature, which can be used for emergency interventions that do not need to keep the ball in play, will allow the attacking player to slide quickly and prevent.

Tightness Adjustment for Referee

Except for online matches, users will also be allowed to set the tightness for the referee. There will be very soft, soft, default, solid and very solid options for the referee . Default referee settings will be used in online games.

Advanced Impact Physics

Along with new animations, a new advanced impact physics system is added to the game. Thanks to this feature, the impact effect will be shown clearly. When the ball hits the players’ feet, you will see the player’s feet being pushed by the ball.

The ball that comes out by touching the tip of the goalkeeper’s fingers will cause the goalkeeper’s fingers to be pushed by the ball. You will understand better in the video.

FIFA 23 innovations are like this in the most general sense. Except this;

  • Increased player speeds,
  • 5 player substitution rule,
  • Offside advantage indicator,
  • New avatar running styles,
  • New goal kicks and throw-ins,
  • General CPU AI improvements,
  • In-depth match analysis,
  • There are many more innovations such as haptics developed for PlayStation 5.

I am attaching the innovation analysis page published by EA Games here for you to see all these small and large capabilities . We will see how successful these are after the game comes out. Let’s move on to what’s new in-game.

What’s New in FIFA 23 In-Game?

In this section, we will give information about the innovations made in the game. We are talking about changes in mods and general structure.

FIFA World Cup – World Cup

World Cup tournaments will also take place in the game. FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 and FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia and New Zealand 2023 will be featured.

What's New in FIFA 23? Here are In-Game Videos and What's New

Cross-Platform Support Expands

Crossplay support is also expanding. Cross-platform support will now be available for certain departments, along with generation grouping. There will be a bunch of cross-platform support for Xbox Series X and S, PlayStation 5 and PC, and cross-platform support between Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. For this, I am attaching the table showing the sections below.

With cross-platform support, FUT transfer market pools are also changing.

  • PS4
  • PS5
  • Xbox One
  • Xbox Series S and X
  • A FUT transfer market pool will be created for Stadia.

PC and Switch platforms will continue to have their own transfer markets.

What's New in FIFA 23? Here are In-Game Videos and What's New

What’s New for FIFA 23 Ultimate Team 

This is the most curious part of FIFA 23 in-game innovations . Because this is the most interesting part of the game. New games together;

  • FUT moments system will come,
  • The chemistry system will be renewed,
  • Icons of legendary football players and FUT heroes will be added to the game,

Matchday Experience Change

We will see more realistic field floors, more affected field, Improved stadium atmosphere and a more realistic match atmosphere.

What's New in FIFA 23? Here are In-Game Videos and What's New

What’s New for Career Mode

The career mode also has a place in FIFA 23 in-game innovations . As a coach or as a football player, you will be able to play the more detailed career mode and fulfill your football dreams. Important players or coaches can be selected.

There will also be a feature such as playable highlights. This feature will probably enable the most important moments of the lives of famous names to be played. But the details have not yet been disclosed.

What's New in FIFA 23? Here are In-Game Videos and What's New

What’s New for Volta Football

With the improved Volta Arcades , you will be able to customize your avatar more and you will get more game features. It is said that the innovations here and the innovations for Pro Clobs will be detailed soon.


Here’s what we know about FIFA 23 innovations and in-game innovations . EA will continue to explain until the game is released. We’ll keep adding as new details about innovations come in.



                                                    Here’s How to Install the Game?

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  2. Download Installer (Note Down: Current Setup Supports Resumable Downloads).
  3. Open the Installer, Click Next and choose the directory where to install.
  4. Let it Download Full Version game in your specified directory and choose the location Where to install game.
  5. Open the Game and Enjoy Playing Full Version Game.


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