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What Will Happen to the First Game When Overwatch 2 Comes Out?

The Xbox & Blizzard Entertainment event was held recently and we saw announcements coming for many games. One of the announced games was Overwatch 2 .

More precisely, the answers to the most curious questions were given for the upcoming production. Important questions such as when the game will be released and whether it will be paid have been answered.

During this promotion, we saw that it was announced that the game will be released on October 4 . Now, a different discussion is on the agenda. Players who have purchased the current game are wondering what will happen to the first game when the second game comes out.

First Game May Be Shelved When Overwatch 2 Comes

The subject was also asked to the authorized names of the production. This point was asked during a Q&A for the game on Reddit, and Game Director Aaron Keller made a brief statement on the subject.

In the statement, it was said that when the new game comes, it will replace the existing service. From here , we deduce that when Overwatch 2 comes out, it will replace the first game .

But much more needs to be clarified on this. What will happen to those who buy the first game? Will Overwatch 1 be shut down completely, as rumored? Is it true that support for the first game is discontinued because the second game will be free?

We can raise many more questions. But our common answer will be that the production will give clearer answers to these questions. There is still a long time to come for the second game to come out. A more detailed explanation will come before October 4th.



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