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Were the smugglers’ depots in The Witcher 3 too many? CD Projekt also thinks so

Were the smugglers' depots in The Witcher 3 too many? CD Projekt also thinks so

If you are a bit lost among the question marks in the map of The Witcher 3, know that even those who put them there think it was a mistake.

Those of you who have played  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will surely remember the presence of so many  smuggler deposits – submerged points of interest that, by letting Geralt take a swim, allowed to recover some resources in the waters.

If, however, these deposits were not very present in the main regions of the Continent, between Velen and its surroundings, where the bodies of water certainly did not abound,  CD Projekt RED could have got a little carried away by  Skellige , where the hiding places placed scanned by the smugglers were many (59, to be precise, against 5 in the rest of the map).

Philip Weber , now director of the campaign for the new  The Witcher but, at the time ,  junior quest designer of  The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (you can retrieve the game on Amazon ).


Speaking at the streaming for the Polish company’s first twenty years (thanks, IGN ), Weber joked that the game’s map was full of “?” which indicated potential points of interest . Including smugglers’ deposits.

In Weber’s words:

“I can freely admit that I am one of those people who spread the question marks around the world. It was already the end of 2014 and so it wasn’t long before the release [of May 2015], when we practically filled the world with question marks ».


This is a design choice that, today, Weber would not replicate, especially with regard to the smugglers’ deposits, which have completely gotten out of hand at Skellige.

As stated by the developer:

«We didn’t have much time, so we said to ourselves ‘ok, we have to do it and we can’t do it perfectly’. However, I have one thing to say in my defense: I did a lot of those terrible ones – I can say they were terrible, I did them! – smugglers’ deposits .

Originally, we had placed them in the world and placed seagulls on them, so that I could identify them by seeing them flying over there in a circular fashion. We didn’t plan on putting an icon for those on the map. ‘

Icon that, instead, has arrived, and here those hiding places have literally bombed the map of Skellige. It was a method of making it more curious for players to find new resources by exploring, but it ended up becoming a crazy challenge for collectors.

“I completely agree that it was a mistake , ”  Weber said very frankly. “I wouldn’t do it again . “


For now we know little about the next  The Witcher that the Polish house is working on: we know, however, that it will be a new experience in this universe, not a mere The Witcher 4 . This means that, for example, it might not make us take on the role of Geralt of Rivia: to confirm this hypothesis, which for now remains so, is the fact that the medallion shown in the first images looks like that of the unpublished Scuola della Lince , and no longer that of the Kaer Morhen Wolf School.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is available on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.


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