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“Version 1.0” Trailer Arrived from Temtem

“Version 1.0” Trailer Arrived from Temtem

The countdown has begun for the full release. Temtem went into early access in January 2020 and managed to make a name for itself in a short time. Considered as a competitor to Pokemon, the game leaves the early access process behind and counts the days for the full release. The production team must have said, “Let’s add some color to this wait with the “Temtem – 1.0 Features” trailer:

Players who will sail to version 1.0 with the new island added to the map, new adventures, new challenges, new rewards. In the trailer, a section of what awaits the players on Tamer’s Paradise island is presented.

Temtem will switch to the full version on September 6th. We will see together whether it will be able to catch a wind similar to the one when it first went into early access, and be able to talk about itself again.



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