Valorant Night Market Has Started! How long will it take?

Valorant Night Market Has Started! How long will it take?

Valorant Night Market is back! This bimonthly special event allows you to buy beautiful weapon skins cheaper than usual. So, how long will the Night Market be valid? Everything you need to know is here.

The highly anticipated Valorant Night Market is back in July. For a limited time, players will have the chance to get awesome weapon skins at a discount. Riot Games does not say in advance which skins will be discounted at the event, as each player receives random skins. Therefore, you can see the special discounted skins only when you enter the store.

In a statement made by Riot, it was stated that the Night Market , which started on July 20, will end on August 2. This means you have 12 days to take advantage of the deals. So how do you get access to this special promotion that offers up to 42 percent off the most popular weapon skins in the store?

Valorant Night Market Returns in July

First, start Valorant and log in with your Riot account. The Night Market logo will appear next to the amount of Valorant Points and Radianite Points you have. When you click on this logo, you will enter the new Night Market .

Then you will see six cards as in the screenshot above. Click on each one to see the randomly offered skins and discounts. Then all you have to do is decide which weapon skin to buy.

How Often Does the Valorant Night Market Come?

Valorant Night Market is an event where players can purchase random weapon skins for less than they normally would. So, how often does the Valorant Night Market come? We can answer this question roughly every two months. Promotions usually last 12 days. The new Valorant Night Market will likely return in September as it takes place in July.

So, what weapon skins did you get? We look forward to your answers in the comments section below! You can take a look at our Valorant crosshair codes list for professional players’ reticle settings . Also, if you’re looking for new nicknames for yourself, you can also check out our suggestions for the most creative Valorant names .



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