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V Rising: Accurate information about all the bosses and their locations on the map

V Rising: Accurate information about all the bosses and their locations on the map

The right map is definitely better, which is why we’ve compiled it along with how to find all 37 bosses in V Rising, as well as the rewards you’ll get for killing them.

V Rising: Accurate information about all the bosses and their locations on the map

As you can see, V Rising has a lot of bosses – or V Blood Carriers, as the game calls them. We’ve actually made a distinction here, as there are a few powerful enemies – mini-bosses and so on – that don’t provide particularly significant rewards, so we’ve decided to omit them for the sake of clarity. However, we have all the bosses marked on the V Rising map above, numbered in order of increasing difficulty. Compare the numbers to the table below to get all the information you need on where to find them and what they drop.

V Rising bosses, levels and rewards

Strength Crimson Aegis, long boards, five-finger work boards, statue assortment, whetstone

Number Boss Level Location Spawn Awards
one wolf leader 16 Forest Farbane Appears in any Wolf Lair. wolf shape
2 Errol Stonebreaker twenty Forest Farbane copper mine Strength Seismic shock and a large cache
3 Brigadier Rufus twenty Forest Farbane Bandit logging camp Strength Bloodfury, Carpenter’s workbench, hunting crossbow, fishing rod, carved log, picture frame
four Killy Frost Archer twenty Forest Farbane Hunting gangster camp Power Bat Frost, tanning machine, leather, traveler’s cloak, empty flask
5 Lydia Archer of Chaos 26 Forest Farbane Randomly wanders the paths Strength Chaotic Volley, Chest Devourer
6 Grayson Gunsmith 27 Forest Farbane Bandit Gun Camp
7 Pigmore Ravager 27 Forest Forbein Desecrated Graveyard Powers Corpse Explosion and Bone Veil, Grave, Mystical Fences, Skeleton, Ghoul
eight Rotten Rat thirty Summoned by Parasite Nest Rat Shape
9 Clive the Pyro thirty Forest Farbane
Bandit Sulfur Quarry
Strength Veil of Chaos, Alchemy Table, Enchanted Brazier, Enchanted Torches, Brimstone, Small Blast Box
ten Paulora Faywalker 34 Forest Farbane glittering meadows Power Spectral Wolf and Veil of Illusion, Vampire Gate, Garden Floor
eleven Ferocious Bear 36 Forest Farbane Bear cave Bear shape, fur carpets
12 Fallen Nicholas 37 Forest Farbane Forgotten cemetery Forces Pestilence and Ward of the Damned, research table.
13 King of Thieves Quincy 37 Forest Farbane bandit fortress Chaos Barrier and Relentless Charge powers, forge, sewing machine, iron ingot, iron weapon, hollow fang equipment.
fourteen Seamstress Beatrice 38 Bastillion Danlí Dawn Village Human form, loom, curtain assortment, hunter’s cloak, cloth, cotton yarn
fifteen Vincent Lord of Frost 40 Bastillion Danlí Randomly wanders the paths Powers Frost Barrier and Frost Veil, prison cell, reinforced board.
16 Sun Priestess Christina 44 Bastillion Danlí Wanders between Dawn Village and Mossvik Village. Power Purgatory, glass, empty glass bottle, holy protection potion, blood rose potion.
17 Shadow Princess Leandra 46 Bastillion Danlí Church of the Damned Strength Phantom Assassin, Scourge Stone, Scourge Pendant, Skeleton Priest, Jewelry Table
eighteen Tristan Vampire Hunter 46 Forest Farbane Randomly wanders the paths Ability Bloodthirst, Greater Essence of Blood.
19 Tera Geomancer 48 Bastillion Danlí   Strength Spectral Defender, Gem Cutter, Siege Golem Stone, Common Gems.
twenty Meredith Bright Archer 52 Bastillion Danlí iron mine Strength Blood spool, woolen thread
21 Ice Maw Mountain Terror 56 sacred mountains Randomly wanders the paths Strength Ice Ring
22 Militia Commander Octavian 58 Bastillion Danlí Danlí Bastion Strength Spectral Strike, Anvil, Dark Silver Bar, Dawnthorn Gear, Dark Silver Weapon.
23 Shepherd Raziel 60 Bastillion Danlí Monastery of Danlí Strength Crimson Ray, Athenaeus, Silver Resistance Potion, Corrupted Artifact
24 Ungora Spider Queen 60 Cursed forest spider cave Power Smelly arachnid, ghostly yarn, silk, spider.
25 Vampire Hunter Jade 62 Bastillion Danlí Randomly wanders the paths Force Volley of Chaos, Essence of Great Blood, Large Explosive Box
26 Duke of Balaton 62 Cursed forest swamp of greed Toad Shape
27 Istle the Soul Reaver 62 Cursed forest Ancient village (east) Mist Trance, Ghost Veil, Spectral Dust, Banshee
28 Werewolf Chieftain Wilfred 64 Bastillion Danlí Village of Grim Graves Strength Heart Strike, Vial of Sanctity Protection
29 Elementalist Maervin 64 Silver Hills charcoal grove Strength Crystal Spear, Imperial Thread
thirty Azariel the Sunbringer 68 Silver Hills Brighthaven Cathedral Power Powerful Surge, Gold Bar
31 Morian Parent of the Harpies 68 Silver Hills Harpy nest Strength Void, Flawless Gems
32 Ogre Dreadclaw 68 sacred mountains frozen cave Force Arctic Leap
33 Cursed Weaver 72 Cursed forest Cursed Weaver’s Nest Power Mosquito, scheme, mosquito
34 Styx the Destroyer 76 Cursed forest Randomly wanders the paths Bat Shape
35 Bloodbreaker Begemon 78 Cursed forest Behemoth Lair Power Dancing Lights
36 Winged Horror 78 Forest Farbane Mountain of fear Ice Vortex Power
37 Solarus Immaculate 80 Silverlight Hills Fortress of Light Summon Fallen Angel

Separately, it is worth mentioning the Rotten Rat. This boss does not have a fixed location, as the player must summon her with a Parasite Nest.


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