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Unfortunate donator threw 100 thousand bucks into Diablo Immortal, but can’t find rivals for PvP

Unfortunate donator threw 100 thousand bucks into Diablo Immortal, but can't find rivals for PvP

It turns out that he paid and did not win?

A blogger from the jtisallbusiness channel spoke about how money broke his Diablo Immortal gaming experience. The story is heavy, prepare handkerchiefs.

Let’s call him Jayty (from JT). Jayty is a whale. This is the name of the players who pour huge money into projects. He spent about 100 thousand dollars on purchases in Diablo Immortal and upgraded the character.

He is also the leader of the clan – such a typical older MMO gamer. Serious, with money and very stuffy. As if not playing a game, but preparing a car for local competitions. His character really looks like a supercar, but he has no one to drive with.

Diablo Immortal caught Jayte in a trap: he cannot enter the local arena due to the fact that his character is too strong and pumped. There are simply no competitors.

And his clan also cannot participate in competitive events because of the leader. But clan members can wave a pen and get out of the trap, but Jayte himself is forbidden to transfer leadership and leave. In fact, the game forbade the pumped player from killing weaklings!

Blizzard responded to the donor that he was the first with such a problem. The unfortunate Jayte plans to sue, but he has no chance: the publisher has fully fulfilled his part of the deal.

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