Ultimate DLC character Smash Bros announced before Nintendo Direct

Ultimate DLC character Smash Bros announced before Nintendo Direct

Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC news (Image: NINTENDO)

Ultimate DLC character Smash Bros announced before Nintendo Direct

This week comes a NEW Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC announcement and fans believe they know which character will be included as part of the Nintendo Direct.

A recent leak has proven to be true and we now know that this week comes a new Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC release.

The good news is that the new Nintendo Direct is being streamed at a great time for UK-based fans to watch.

The big Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC announcement will be made on Thursday, January 16 for Fighters Pass 5.

And Switch players interested in finding out about the latest news from Character DLC will be able to tune in at 2 pm, GMT.

The Nintendo Direct live stream will be available for Smash fans in the US to watch at the less convenient, 6 am, PT.

A tweet from Nintendo confirms: “Join Super Smash Bros Ultimate director Masahiro Sakurai at 1:16 a.m. PT for an approximately 35-minute video livestream featuring an in-depth look at an upcoming DLC fighter he’ll reveal in the game.” That’s plenty of time for just one big revelation for Super Smash Bros Ultimate fans, but there might also be a few more specifics thrown into it too.

This follows a report in January earlier claiming that Nintendo was planning to reveal their latest Nintendo news as part of a Direct-style event.

In the latest Fighters Pass list, there has been a lot of debate over which video game character will take the fifth place.

So far, on Nintendo Switch, players can add a total of four new characters to the game, including Joker, who can summon up his Persona, Arsene, and power up his attacks for a limited time.

There’s also Dragon Quest XI’s The Champion, complete with the Supreme Sword of Light, and Nintendo 64 series Banjo & Kazooie.

Terry Bogard was the next surprise addition, coming from the video games series Fatal Fury.

And now we are actually going to learn how far Nintendo is prepared to go when it comes to a new crossover scenario.

It’s normally a character appearing in a game released on a Nintendo platform but in recent years the rules have changed.

So there’s a possibility that we might get a real surprise during the Nintendo reveal on January 16.

Dante from the Devil May Cry series has made an appearance in the latest Super Smash game among the new rumours.

It just happens that January 16 has been advertised as a day to look out for news by a series of tweets from people and accounts associated with the Devil May Cry show.

So what seems to be a good fit for Super Smash with Dante, making the connection isn’t that hard.

Though, we won’t know for sure what character will take the DLC spot until Nintendo makes its big revelation.

Another leak indicates we’ll see Travis Touchdown of No More Heroes confirmed for the game this week.

We have encountered other names attached to the slot as well, although some have been ruled since the first mooted.

Fans would love to see a character like Master Chief appear in the future and Microsoft seem to be willing to work with Nintendo to make this happen.

But that doesn’t seem like something for the Nintendo Switch which will be announced in January 2020.

Ultimate DLC character Smash Bros announced before Nintendo Direct
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