Ubisoft won’t close Roller Champions action

Ubisoft won't close Roller Champions action

But the new season will be delayed. Ubisoft

has accumulated several unsuccessful attempts to launch new series. The most striking failure was the battle royale Hyper Scape – the game gathered hundreds of thousands of players, and then turned sour, losing the entire audience in a couple of weeks after the launch of Roller Champions , it collected much less excitement on social networks, but was well received by the community. First of all, the part that badly wanted a game about rollers. They note: ease of development, remarkable physics, fights and various tricks on the track.

Small, but strong, fan support ensured the existence of the project. True, the new season will be delayed due to the transition to the transition to economy mode. But the developers firmly and clearly stated: the game will not be canceled. Well, soon.

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