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tvOS 15.6 Released: What’s Incoming?

tvOS 15.6 Released: What's Incoming?

Apple , one of the software and technology giants based in the United States , released tvOS 15.6 version for Apple TV devices two days ago , it offers improvements while fixing the problems experienced in tvOS 15.5, which it last released two months ago. Let’s take a look at the content of the update together.

tvOS 15.6 can be downloaded directly from the Apple TV system via the Software Update submenu of the System menu of the Settings app. If you have Automatic Software Updates enabled, your device has already been updated automatically.

No innovations but important

Usually, tvOS updates released by Apple are quite small, meaning they offer bug fixes, performance improvements, and minor tweaks rather than major outward changes. Users in the Beta Testing Group of tvOS 15.6 did not discover any new features in this release.

When we look at the release notes for Apple’s tvOS 15.6 software update, it is stated that the update in question includes “general performance and stability improvements”. For the health of the device, it is definitely useful to install it.

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