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Train Sim World 3 Release Date Announced!

Train Sim World 3 Release Date Announced!

The one who doesn’t change the name of the profile to Trench Jack is not one of us.

Train lovers unite! The official release date of Train Sim World 3, which you have been waiting for, has been announced. Developer Dovetail Games has officially confirmed that the game will arrive on September 7. In this period of less than a month, the last roughness of the game will be fixed. Different surprises will be waiting for players who pre-order.

In the new video published by the developer, the innovations of the game are also mentioned. Details such as the new dynamic climate system, routes, light engine will be waiting for you. Let’s underline that all add-ons you purchased in Train Sim World 2 will also be automatically migrated to the new game. Along with this, new adventures will be waiting for you on your routes.

Speaking of routes, let’s talk about three new routes that will come with the new game. The first of these routes will be the Cajon Pass area in California. This link road between San Bernardino and the San Gabriel Mountains connects San Bernardino to Barstow. 

Our second new route is in Europe. In this region you will be able to control the Kassel and Würzburg route. On this route, which is the longest route of Train Sim World, you will be able to use passenger trains such as ICE 3 and ICE 1.

The last of the new routes is England’s famous Kent route. This high-speed rail route operates between London, Ashford and Dartford. On this route, you will have the chance to drive Class 395 Javelin, the fastest in England.

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