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Tower of Fantasy: How to solve the “Wanderer creation limit reached” error.

Tower of Fantasy: How to solve the "Wanderer creation limit reached" error.

Some Tower of Fantasy players have encountered a rather annoying error: “Wanderer creation limit reached”. In this guide, you can learn how to get rid of it.

Tower of Fantasy is the highly anticipated MMO that debuted yesterday. However, players looking to start playing face a few surprises. Most of them are standard problems, the presence of which is not surprising for new games.

These are, for example, giant queues on the servers that prevented players from joining the game, or numerous problems with logging in. Most of them resolved over time, and players were able to start wandering the planet of Hades. Unfortunately, some still suffer from a rather unusual error.

Wanderer creation limit reached – what is this error about?

A small number of players have started reporting a rather unusual issue. When attempting to create a character, they received the message ” Wanderer creation limit reached “, preventing them from completing the process.

This even applied to players who did not yet have characters at their disposal. This in turn meant, of course, that they couldn’t start the game. Therefore, they started looking for a solution to the problem on the network, where they found players who also faced this problem.

At the moment, there is only one way to deal with the above error. It seems all you have to do is change the server. When trying to create a character on another, you should not see the problematic message.

Of course, this is a rather primitive solution, but so far it is known that it is the only one that works. Perhaps, over time, the developers of Tower of Fantasy will notice the problem and they will fix it.

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