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Threat Will Increase in Elite Dangerous’s New Update

Threat Will Increase in Elite Dangerous's New Update

New beings entered the universe

Elite Dangerous’ “Update 13” update is live. Starting today, players will meet another fearsome enemy as soon as they enter the game. Together we will look at the destruction left behind by the super weapon called Proteus Wave, which was designed to destroy planets. However, we will also have the opportunity to learn that the gun cannot do its main job.

The destruction of the weapon used to destroy the invading Thargoids race will be covered in the story Aftermath. We will not experience that the weapon is not actually able to destroy the Thargoids race and their star systems are thrown into chaos. When you go to the HIP 22460 system in the game, you will be able to examine all the details left over from this war.

But you should be careful because in this region, you will be able to encounter the Thargoids, which are also angered by the war. The Thargoids, who decide to strengthen their ships after the explosion, will be much more formidable opponents. They will want to destroy you in the first place they see…

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