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The Name of the New Monster Hunter Game May Have Been Announced

The Name of the New Monster Hunter Game May Have Been Announced

Let’s see what Capcom will say about this?

The name of the new Monster Hunter game may have been announced. So what will be the name of the new game, which is expected to be released in the next year? Details are here.

As you may recall, in November 2020, a hacker group named Ragnar Lockar managed to infiltrate Capcom servers. During this attack, in which sales reports, financial information and personal information of the personnel working within the company were seized, the list of games being developed by the Japanese game giant was also seized and even published.

Monster Hunter 6 was also included in the list, most of which consisted of new Resident Evil games. It is impossible for a series that is already so popular not to continue. Especially when Switch versions are also on the agenda.

The Name of the New Monster Hunter Game May Have Been Announced

What Will The New Monster Hunter Game Be Named?

Recently, there has been a new development regarding Monster Hunter 6 . Twitter user named neonaga99, who later deleted his share, announced that the new game of the series will be Monster Hunter Paradise .

According to the user, he was experimenting with the servlet while using the developer mode structure of the Discord platform. Meanwhile, it was possible to activate the activities planned for the rest of the year. Although most of them are vacant, one of them invites you to get a code for Monster Hunter Paradise. While it’s unclear whether these codes are for Beta access, extra content, or something else, they are valid for PC, PlayStation, and Xbox platforms.

The lack of a Switch platform indicates that the final name of the Monster Hunter 6 game mentioned in the leak may be Monster Hunter Paradise. Of course, since there is no official statement for now, it would be best to wait for the announcement by Capcom.

Finally, in the aforementioned leak, it was said that the new game of the series will be available in the second quarter of 2023. Let’s see if this timeframe will turn out to be correct as well. We will be following the developments.

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