The Last of Us remake on PC will follow the PS5 version

The Last of Us remake on PC will follow the PS5 version

The exact release date for PC is still unknown, but according to one of the developers, our patience will not be tested.

Released in 2013, The Last of Us will be remastered for PS5 consoles on September 2nd. Waiting for the release is accompanied by various materials, such as visual comparisons of the original with the remake.

PC gamers can also slowly get ready to explore Ellie and Joel’s story, as the PC release date, though not announced, could be sooner than we think.

This is evidenced by the words of one of the Naughty Dog employees working on TLoU: Part I, Jonathan Benainus, who answered a gamer’s question on Twitter about the release on the PC.

According to the developer, The Last of Us: Part I will be released on PC soon after the release of the game on PlayStation 5.

So it is very likely that PC gamers will be able to plunge into the post-apocalyptic world with the owners of Sony consoles very soon – maybe even before the end of this year.

Another question is whether the TLoU remake will be good enough. Last week, leaks of gameplay fragments disappointed some players, and all doubts were not dispelled even by the official presentation of the gameplay, published in response to accusations that there were no significant changes compared to the original.

PS5 gamers will find out how The Last of Us: Part I actually performs on September 2.


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