The Last of Us 2 demo release at PAX

The Last of Us 2 demo release at PAX

The Last of Us 2 demo release at PAX

THE Last of Us Part 2 will be playable on PS4 at PAX East, but the long demo on offer is unlikely to answer key questions regarding Joel and Ellie.

Some lucky PS4 players will play The Last of Us 2 before their official release date. The new chapter in the story of Ellie and Joel will be told before May rolls around. It is probably the biggest PlayStation update before something larger and better comes with the PS5. And before The Last of Us Part 2 release on 29 May 2020, there will be a few opportunities to test the gameplay.

Sony announced that a Last of Us 2 demo at PAX East, held in Boston in late February, will be unveiled.

This is partially the series celebration before the big launch on PS4 and PS4 Pro in 2020.

The new playable demo will allow players like Ellie to patrol the game, now the main protagonist, according to Naughty Dog.

The good news is that an hour of playable demo will be available, giving you a clear idea of how Ellie has changed.

The only drawback is that it will not respond to questions concerning the main story, including Joel details.

“Not only did Ellie and Joel’s journey begin in Boston, but PAX East also has special meaning for us: it was where we gave you the first-ever opportunity to go hands-on with The Last of Us back in 2013,” a message from Naughty Dog explains.

We felt it was only appropriate to get back to the town which all began in order to offer the Last of Us Part II to fans the first ever public service.

“From 27 February to 1 March, the players will play the” Patrol, “including an early game area where Ellie and Dina have to leave Jackson to get poisoned.

“The demo will last an hour and give you a summary of what awaits you during the whole game.

“To play the demo, participants may visit the booth, but there is limited space! We advise you to protect your spot through the smartphone Apple Store and Google Play device Experience PlayStation.

“New appointments will be made available each day of the show. For more information about the demo and to get updates about our presence at PAX East, keep an eye on Naughty Dog’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram pages.”

We also know that in Last of Us Part 2 on the basis of previews, death and vengeance will play a major role.

TLOU’s world was never rosy and fans predicted that things would become grim in the next day.

With the time jump now reported, the main character for the new game will be moving from Joel to Ellie.

And when the torch is over, it opens the door to cause a real sorrow among the fan base.

Based on the character’s past decisions and age, the conclusion of Joel’s story seems almost inevitable.

And this wouldn’t have to be known by Naughty Dog, however the fans don’t want to use the exhausted tropical fans for the development team.

Things such a Joel will possibly annoy rather than participate, or direct Ellie through flashes.

What people want is Joel’s flawless shipment if this is what Naughty Dog has expected to pursue.

Sadly, we still have a few more months to wait for the answers to these PS4 questions.

The Last of Us 2 demo release at PAX
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