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The Fearful Moments Are Now Over: The Feature to Turn Off Test Alerts Has Arrived on iOS!

United States-based software and technology giant Apple, with the iOS 15.6 operating system update, introduced the “Test Alerts” transition to the Settings app in the third beta of iOS 16. This toggle is currently only available on iPhones connected to their US-based carrier, allowing users to enable test emergency alerts from the US government.

To turn Test Alerts on/off, you can see both in the State Alerts submenu of the Notifications tab of the Settings app, and it comes off by default. Apple stated that governments will be responsible for the content and frequency of test alerts.

It was already possible to enable test alerts in previous versions of iOS by installing a custom profile from Apple or by dialing a code in the Phone app. The toggle provides users with an easier way to choose to receive test alerts.

Apple has updated its support documentation for the iPhone and Apple Watch with more details.


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