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The Division Resurgence Announced! Will Be Mobile Exclusive

The Division Resurgence Announced! Will Be Mobile Exclusive

Ubisoft, which has had success with The Division series, made a surprise announcement recently. The developer announced the game The Division Resurgence . Unlike other productions, the game, which will come to mobile platforms this time, will again be in the third-person RPG genre.

Although the release date of the game, which will be released for both iOS and Android, has not been announced at the moment, it has also been announced that alpha tests will start very soon.

The Division Resurgence Will Be A Free Game

When we evaluate the game according to the details given, we can say that the claim of the series will be transferred to the mobile world.

The Division Resurgence, which will be available in both co-op mode and single-player mode (i.e. both single-player and single-player) , will take place in an open world-based atmosphere.

In the story part of the game, which will take place in New York City, we will control one of the Strategic Homeland Division agents and try to save the city by protecting the civilians.

No explanation was made about when the game, which has already started recording for closed alpha tests , will be released.

We’ll probably get more information about the new mobile game towards the end of this year. I think the release date will be announced soon and the game will not be until 2023.

Of course, official explanations are needed for definitive information. For now, let’s add the shared video for this ambitious production. We will continue to share new information as it becomes available.

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