The Crime Enterprises update for GTA Online will recreate problems from real life

New content is coming soon to GTA Online in the Crime Enterprises update, which is expected to reflect the current problems plaguing the world, including the economic crisis. The game will also have gameplay improvements.

The update of The Criminal Enterprises is a large number of new features prepared for the game that breaks records in popularity. Fresh content should clearly relate to current real-world issues. Our heroes will have to survive, for example, the economic crisis and unbearable heat.

The update mainly includes new missions and criminal career options. We will have the opportunity to act as an undercover agent of the IAA, whose task will be to find the reason for such a sharp increase in gasoline prices – for this we will take part in a special task. For the owners of all kinds of enterprises, new ways to get rich are being prepared – including a unique type of cargo for transportation.

GTA Online will also see improvements in gameplay. Among the most important changes, it is worth noting more convenient treatment during combat and a decrease in the effectiveness of the homing missiles of the Oppressor Mk hovercraft. II. The improvements are also expected to have a positive impact on earnings for actions performed in the game, including first-time robberies.

The new content will arrive on July 26 and will be available on all currently supported platforms, namely PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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