The Crew 2 Update 1.6.0 Is Live Now

The Crew 2 Update

The Crew 2 Update 1.6.0 Is Live Now

The Crew 2 has earned a brand-new patch from Ubisoft and Ivory Tower. This patch can now be found on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Windows. The Crew 2 Update 1.6.0 introduces the latest free Inner Drive update, and adds a range of new content, enhancements, and updates to your game experience. Take note of 20 new vehicles including the Jesko KOENIGSEGG.

The Crew 2 is the new installment in the Ubisoft speed series which is widening its possibilities considerably this time. With a wide variety of vehicles, including cars, speedboats, and helicopters, the game retains its goal to recreate nearly limitless roads and replicate them all in a simulation of the idea of racing and speed MMO and yet yet offer an arcade approach.

The goal with The Crew 2 is to take the first part to a new level, not only in the playable thanks to driving improvements and ground, sea and air exploration; but also when it comes to offering a huge variety in the types of stages inside a driving environment that is newly set in the United States. Here are some main patch notes concerning The Crew 2 Patch 1.6.0.

  • Added 4 new vanity types: Custom Nitro, Horns, Window Tints, 2D Emotes.
  • 85 new vanity items – to be released on a weekly basis through the shop or as LIVE Summit rewards.
  • 20 additional items will be automatically gifted to players when the update goes live.
  • Fixed an issue where planes’ smoke would appear desaturated.
  • 15 New LIVE Summits with their associated activities & rewards.
  • “Loaned Vehicle” mention now correctly appears in the LIVE Summit leaderboards when applicable.
  • Fixed an issue where non-Icon players could not claim their LIVE Summit rewards in The Crew 2 (this only applies to certain specific LIVE Summits, such as Open Days).
  • The date on the reward screen is now that of the current LIVE Summit, rather than that of the completed LIVE Summit.
  • Fixed an issue where the LIVE Summit billboard would not update instantly after claiming rewards.
  • The Lamborghini Veneno speedometer sometimes appeared zoomed in.
  • Mud & snow is now properly displayed when opening the vehicles menu.
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