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The Ascent Gets Its New DLC This Month

The Ascent Gets Its New DLC This Month

The Ascent, which stands out especially with its level of detail, finally gets the additional package it has been needing for a long time. According to a statement from developer Neon Giant, the new DLC called ” The Cyber ​​Heist ” will be released on August 18. So we only have to wait about 10 days to land in the city once again.

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Celebrating the first year of the game last week, the developer states that they are very happy with the interest and support of The Ascent. Saying that the new DLC is a gift to The Ascent community, the Neon Giant team has also officially released the second trailer about The Cyber ​​Heist. Unfortunately, there is not much detail in the video.

Still, we know that Neon Giant will release another trailer. This trailer will probably appear within the week. Then we will start the countdown for the DLC. Likewise, we believe that we will be able to learn more details about this DLC in the coming days.

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