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Survival Festival has begun on Steam – a very modest event

Survival Festival has begun on Steam - a very modest event
The Steam team has compiled lists without discounts and is waiting for you to buy games out of habit.

Steam launched a festival on the theme of survival : these are discounts, releases, free versions and free demos of themed games. The range of genres is huge, the locations are also full: jungle, space, deserts, oceans.

As always, cooperative and multiplayer projects participate in the promotion. We wanted to select some of them, but either very ancient or very loose designs received discounts. Loose-soft, slightly cooled down after the insane online peak of 50 people.

But there are demos. More precisely, demos are also very few. Even less than decent discounts. Perhaps the genre began to die? Oh no. Most likely, the developers do not mess with the network code, preferring single, but high-quality adventures.

Available demos

  • Frozen Flame is a full-fledged crafting survival game in the world of dragons and magic.
  • Farworld Pioneers is tinyBuild’s space-inspired, forward-thinking take on Terraria.
  • Dysterra is a Korean shooter about survival on a dying Earth.
  • HumanitZ is a raw cooperative indie survival game with zombies

The Festival of Very Moderate Generosity will end on August 8, 2022.


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