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Support for Adding More Emoji to WhatsApp Message Reactions Is Now Available!

As you know, Facebook and Instagram, which are social media platforms belonging to Meta , use the Reactions feature almost everywhere on the platform. While you can reply to a story with emoji on Instagram, you can leave an animated emoji reaction to the messages sent to you.

The Reactions feature, which entered our lives for the first time with Facebook posts, was also added to the messaging application WhatsApp , belonging to Meta, and not long after, the company introduced new support that allows you to use more emojis in message reactions.

Now, instead of the standard emojis set by the application, you can leave any emoji on your emoji keyboard as a reaction. There is no change in terms of system, to react to one more emoji, just long-tap on the message you want to react to and tap the (+) button in the pop-up menu.

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