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Superheroes strip down for a beach party in Marvel’s Avengers update

Superheroes strip down for a beach party in Marvel's Avengers update

Tony Stark, what are you without your costume? A freak in two shirts.

Anime regularly has episodes with beaches or equivalent, when the characters arrange a day off for themselves. The Japanese tradition was picked up first by the authors of comics, and then by the developers of game services.

So Crystal Dynamics decided that it’s time for Marvel heroes to enroll, throw off excess clothes and stay only in shorts. The supers were not freed from the usual worries, so numerous enemies can appreciate them in beach outfits.

New clothes received Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man. Captain America is ready to join them, who received beach shorts last year. But there is a caveat: only the swimsuit for the Widowmaker is available for free sale, the skins of other heroes are blocked until mid-August.


That’s it.


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