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Subnautica’s Developer To Introduce Its New Game At Gamescom

Subnautica's Developer To Introduce Its New Game At Gamescom

They will go out of their way

In February, good news came from Krafton, the owner of Unknown Worlds. Expressing that the developer of Subnautica is working on a new game, the studio also announced that this game is not a sequel to Subnautica. In fact, this new game would be a turn-based strategy game that Unknown Worlds was not very familiar with.

  • Subnautica’s Studio Will Come Up With A Brand New Game This Year

Here we will finally have the opportunity to see the first details about this mysterious game that is confusing. Geoff Keighley, the “face” of the gaming world, confirmed on his Twitter account that the game will be at Gamescom. In fact, this sci-fi themed strategy game will appear on the opening night presented by Keighley.

As we mentioned above, we do not have much information about this new game. But we know that the X-Com series first comes to mind when it comes to a science fiction themed turn-based strategy. On August 23, we will learn how the Unknown Worlds team, who has not stepped into these waters before, will do…

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