Street Fighter – Who is E. Honda?

Street Fighter - Who is E. Honda?

Champion Sumo Wrestler!

Honda, one of the prides of Japan in the Street Fighter series, initially had the same name as its fighting style. In other words, the name of this large man, whom we knew as Honda for years, was Sumo. The dev team wanted the character to be popular in Japan and be noticeable in other countries as well as in Japan. The character named Sumo, which was designed for this reason, later evolved into Honda.

Sources Honda name; While saying that it means ‘above the average power but below the average speed’, it took its current form with a few changes such as the kabuki make-up and the like. The Honda character, bearing the signature of Eri Nakamura and Akira Yasuda, appeared before us game lovers for the first time with Street Fighter 2 as a fighter of the same country with names such as Ryu and Akuma.  

Street Fighter - Who is E. Honda?

In the legendary game released in 1991, Honda has always fought barefoot as a sumo wrestler in his own bathhouse (yes, Honda also has a public bath). Honda was also a long fighter, although not as much as the other characters in the series, such as Zangief and Sagat. Honda, which has a height of about 1.90, was a short character in mind as he was constantly in a hunchback position. However, the Honda character was tall, but also quite muscular for an ordinary sumo wrestler. You can look at the baklava slices in Street Fighter 4 as a source.

Another remarkable feature of Honda’s appearance is the loincloth-like thing he wears underneath. As far as we know, what sumo wrestlers wear is called mawashi. Honda, on the other hand, wears a loincloth like I said. Some sources even add that he personally wore a kimono and folded it to remain bare while fighting.

Honda and the Rising Sun in Street Fighter 2

Finally, let’s add one more thing about the bath, where we saw Honda for the first time.

You must have seen the rising sun symbol in the background while fighting Honda in the original Street Fighter 2 game.

Street Fighter - Who is E. Honda?

While this symbol is dim and motionless during the fight, it becomes colorful and animated at the end of the won round.

So why is there such a detail in a game released in 1991? I don’t know if it’s a subliminal message, but there are some views that it’s some sort of Japanese military and political propaganda.

You can even see that the rising sun symbol in the bath scenes of Ultra Street Fighter 2, which was reported for Nintendo Switch, and Street Fighter 5, which was released in 2016, has been completely removed.

Street Fighter - Who is E. Honda?

Although Capcom does not make much of a statement on this subject, let’s add that this was noticed by the fans.

Honda’s Story

Honda is not actually a bad character, although it is thought to be harsh and secretive in terms of appearance. He is an honorable man who welcomes good people in a warm and friendly way. His biggest dream is to become the greatest sumo wrestler of all time, with the training he started when he was a little boy. It is to show the art of Sumo, which he sees as sacred, to the whole world.

Honda is a close friend of the Turkish wrestler Hakan , whom I mentioned in the previous Street Fighter article . Although the fighting styles of the two characters show themselves as rivals, they managed to establish good relations with each other and did not overshadow their friendship. He is also the character who reveals Honda’s name, known as E.Honda, in the Hakan Street Fighter series. In the 5th game, he met his old friend Mr. It’s called Honda and Edmond. In short, the name of this big brother, who is the mirror of Sumo wrestling around the world, is Edmond Honda!

Honda in the Street Fighter Movie

American actor Peter Tuiasosopo played the character of Honda in the movie Street Fighter, which was adapted for the big screen in 1994.

Street Fighter - Who is E. Honda?

Just like the other characters that have nothing to do with the game, Honda in the movie has little to do with his situation in the game. According to the movie, Honda is portrayed as Chun-li’s close friend and a member of the news team.

In fact, Honda, which was originally pure Japanese, is a Japanese-American hybrid, again according to the movie.


In short, the first name that comes to mind when sumo is mentioned, Edmond Honda, who is also the owner of a bath, tough, chubby but also muscular, continues his way in the series as the favorite character of many. My favorite character is Sagat, who is called the Muaythai emperor! You can specify in the comments your favorite character or who you want the next Street Fighter character to be.

Take care of yourself, stay healthy.

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