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Stray Took The Game And Walked! On the Best Sellers List

Stray Took The Game And Walked! On the Best Sellers List

A cat game came out and changed all the balances. This is exactly how we can define it. Stray , which made its debut on July 19, was loved so much that it is now playing the top of the game’s S team bestseller list.

In fact, the signals of this came last week. The production received very good returns on both consoles and PC versions. Being at the top of the review scores, it was no surprise that it was on the Steam bestseller list.

Stray is #2 on Steam’s Best Sellers of the Week

When we look at the list recently announced by Steam, the game was the second best-selling production of the week. Steam Deck is in the first place again, but in fact, Deck, which is Steam’s handheld console, should be excluded from the list. When we think like this, we can say that Stray is in the 1st place .

Because we can say that the game has almost no negative reviews. The production, which received the “Extremely Positive” opinion in the Steam rating , has a 95.89% rating . Moreover, there are good returns not only for the PC version, but also for the console version.

In the last user evaluation on Metacritic , we also saw that the game for PS5 scored 8.8 .

It seems that players have started to show interest in productions that are out of the ordinary rather than repetitive games. Stray was a good example of this.

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