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Stray: How do I get the “Productive Day” achievement?

The list of achievements in Stray is really solid. However, not all of them are easy to complete, as some are a little more tedious than we would like. Such as “No More Lives”, for which the player dies nine times, or “Productive Day”.

The “Productive Day” achievement isn’t hard to get, but it does require a bit of patience from the player. Obviously this is required for platinum, so if you want to unlock it, check out our guide below.

How to complete the “Productive Day” achievement

The in-game requirement to unlock the “Productive Day” achievement was “Sleep more than one hour.” While this seems pretty simple, it does require a bit of explanation. To fall asleep in Stray, you need to find one of the specially designated places for this. There are several different locations in the game, but you will find the first one in chapter 4 “Slums”.

After getting to know the robot community and assigning a new target to meet Momo, you can explore the city for a bit. Instead of going straight to the tower with the orange sign, go down the stairs directly to the left of the Guardian (a robot with a large spear that directs you towards Momo).

When you go down the stairs, you will find a robot with long hair and a guitar sitting under a warm light. Next to the robot is a pillow that you can interact with. When you press the interact button, your cat will curl up on it and fall asleep, purring softly. To unlock the “Productive Day” trophy, you need to sit here for one hour in real time. But if you jump off the pillow at some point, you’ll have to start all over again.

After sleeping for an hour, the trophy will unlock. As mentioned above, this isn’t the only place to do this, but it’s the first and it’s fairly easy to find. Any place where a cat can sleep is good for getting a trophy.

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