Stoneshard Patch, Bug Fixes And Stability All Details Here

Stoneshard Patch, Bug Fixes And Stability All Details Here

Stoneshard Patch, Bug Fixes And Stability All Details Here

The patch was given to Stoneshard This Windows update (Steam) may be downloaded. Stoneshard Patch includes several bug fixes, changes in security, modifications in economy and more. Another function is that they have fixed the ability to activate multiple Unwavering Position instances and have fixed a bug that prevents anyone to spawn in the area.

In this title, you enter Stoneshard’s dark world, a tough open-world RPG with elements of ungodly adventures and survival video games. In this role-playing adventure, you embark upon a dangerous journey through a fantastic world full of monsters, influenced by classics such as Diablo and also recent works like Darkest Dungeon or The Banner Saga.

Your trip will take you to meet various characters who determine whether or not to join your squad, based on your acts. You acquire new abilities and the love of the Gods with them, key to the survival of Stoneshard’s struggles of terrifying persistent death. Here are some of the major patch notes for Stoneshard Patch


  • Fixed being able to activate multiple instances of Unwavering Stance.
  • Fixed Prologue debuff applying to Proselytes in the Adventure. Now they’re pretty savage.
  • Destroying Boulder via context menu now takes one turn.
  • Fixed death-related crash.
  • Fixed potion-related crash in Stoneshard.
  • Fixed another AoE-related crash.
  • Fixed backpack trade exploit.
  • Runic Boulder sustaining energy cost now scales for Spells Energy Cost stat. Your actual sustaining energy cost is now dynamically displayed on the modifier and skill hovers.
  • Fixed possibility to take two actions per turn with fast enough clicking.
  • Fixed bug preventing anyone from spawning in the field.
  • Rains are less frequent now thanks to this Stoneshard update.
  • Weather effects optimization. If you have performance problems during rains and mists, try to lower visual effects setting in the game’s options.
  • Proselyte Dungeon and corresponding contract danger level was increased when shown on the map or in the journal
  • Decreased reward difficulty scaling by 15-20%. Base rewards were slightly decreased as well.
  • Slightly increased Wolf Pelt prices since they’re quite savage again in Stoneshard.
  • Decreased Disenchantment Scroll price.
  • Crates and barrels drop less coing, but more often – to make breaking them a little more fun.
  • Roadcarts now have less generous loot.

Here you will find the complete list of Stoneshard Patch patch notes.

Stoneshard Patch, Bug Fixes And Stability All Details Here
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