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Stephen King’s Regulators Novel Is Also Making a Movie

Stephen King's Regulators Novel Is Also Making a Movie

Stephen King will soon tie it to Goosebumps

Even if Stephen King , one of the greatest sources of inspiration in the history of cinema and television, sits in a cafe and scribbles something on a napkin, there is a possibility that it will be a movie/series one day. All the stories of the master author, large and small, have been adapted for the screen many times (some even more than once). Of course, how much of it was successful in all this festivity is a separate topic of discussion. However, there are many Stephen King adaptations still in preparation today. It looks like one more will be added to these. The novel The Regulators , published in 1996, is getting ready to try its luck on the big screen.

First of all, according to the news of Deadline, Bohemia Group wants to bring the film rights they have to the big screen with a script to be edited by George Cowan . Just like in the book, we will witness the terror created by the “regulators” armed with shotguns in the movie, which will be about a single street in a suburb in Ohio. The wild west atmosphere shaped by a child’s imagination and King’s signature demonic beings were also included in the western/horror novel. 

The works of Stephen King, who wrote books under the pseudonym Richard Bachman in the 90s, such as The Runing Man , which he wrote at that time, were also adapted before and were not very successful. What kind of process will be followed for the editors is under the close watch of the fans. For example , when Eser Güven sees this news, he might consider considering Regulators one more time from his dusty shelves.

Then let me interrupt with a quick trivia. Regulators and Desperation are two sister novels published in the same year; He published King Regulators under the pen name Richard Bachman and Desperation under his own name. When you put Dutton’s Regulators edition and Viking’s Desperation edition side by side, it looks like this: – Artwork

An official vision date or cast has not yet been announced for The Regulators movie.


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