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Steam’s New Star: Farthest Frontier

Steam's New Star: Farthest Frontier

We especially invite city building enthusiasts

Farthest Frontier; It is possible to compare it to Cities: Skylines, Simcity and many other city building simulations. But the new star of Steam aims to take the best aspects of all these games and blend them all in one pot. Farthest Frontier, the best seller of the city-building genre in recent weeks, could breathe new life into the genre.

As in every game, our adventure begins with a group of people. In the urbanization process that started in the farthest corners of the world as we know it, people have duties such as collecting food and helping them in construction. Of course, details such as setting up a field and using the crops from the field are left to you.

Farthest Frontier also has the pacifist mode that I personally look for in this type of game. Thanks to this mod, you can only focus on building a city, as there are no barbarian or looter attacks on your city. The price of the game, which is still in early access, is only 50 TL.

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