Steam introduces new rules for posters for games

Steam introduces new rules for posters for games

The Steam store , in search of a universal leveling and the same opportunities for all developers and publishers, went to update the rules. The changes relate to images for the store – posters and game logos. The fact is that some projects during their existence do not receive laudatory reviews and the titles of “Game of the Year”, “Editor’s Choice” and other “Top according to those whom we threatened with a bat.” Therefore, in order not to mislead the buyer with laudatory reviews, inscriptions and ratings in the spirit of 12/10, the store will prohibit the use of such images – to the delight of everyone who has not yet earned epithets or is goon to pay the artist for a new cover.

According to the new rules, basic banners and images in various sections of the store should contain only illustrations, the title and the official subtitle. The following items are prohibited:

  • a picture of the game’s rating, including review ratings from Steam and third-party sources;
  • the names of the awards, as well as their symbols and logos;
  • marketing text about discounts (for example, “Sale” or “Discounts up to 90%”);
  • text and image that promotes another product, including sequels or other games in the series;
  • any third party text.

But when it comes to major updates and seasonal events, the store is open to creators, but with limits. You can report new content by posting a replacement illustration, but for a period of no more than a month. At the same time, the text must describe the update, event, battle pass, additional content, etc., at least in those languages ​​that are supported by the game.

The new rules for posting images come into force on September 1, 2022.


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