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Steam Brings Rules To Game Images!

Steam Brings Rules To Game Images!

While many game developers list their games on Steam , they place award logos and points on the cover images of the games to attract the attention of the players. This situation is not tolerated by everyone, and for this reason, Valve prohibits the use of such emblems in cover images as of September 1.

According to Valve, games’ graphic asset images feature more text, award logos, and even review scores. The company states that this can cause many problems for users, from logos that are too small to understand what a game’s name is, to the images themselves becoming cluttered and difficult to read.

New rules for game visuals have been introduced

Valve is now warning developers of review scores received by an inaccurate and discredited post. It also obliges the majority of the text in the image to be in English. Even though English is the most spoken language among platform users (36 percent) , there are many who do not understand the words.

Reviews and awards will be listed

If a player who wants to buy the game wants to learn about the reviews and awards about the game, he will be able to see the reviews from official sources and users elsewhere. In addition, all the award logos received will be listed on the game page in a different format along with the comments.

There is also a regulation on discounts.

Among the other rules that the company will put into effect as of September 1, there is also the prohibition of discount marketing, so there will be no expression of discount and discount in the images. In addition, text or images that promote a different product, such as sequels or games in a series, will not be allowed, and all other miscellaneous text will be prohibited.

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