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STALKER 2 Will Have Cats, Too!

STALKER 2 Will Have Cats, Too!

The cat passion of the game world, which started with Stray, continues at full speed. This time it’s the turn of STALKER, the homeland of radioactive lands. Developer GSC Game World also introduced the cat designs of the STALKER 2 realm “befitting the radioactive world.” Unfortunately, these cats are nothing like the snails from Stray…

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These cats, called by the name of Bayun, will terrify us all in the game. Bayuns, whose designs look quite scary, have a back structure similar to hyenas. With much sharper teeth and longer arms than cats, Bayuns will be the most fearsome foes for players who wander helplessly through the radioactive lands of STALKER 2.

In the statement, it was stated that the Bayuns got their name from their vocal sacs. Thanks to this vocal sac, Bayun’s can imitate any sound they want, even human voices. We think that nothing else would be expected from the uncanny world of STALKER 2…

The game, which we expected to be released in December, unfortunately had to be postponed with the invasion of Ukraine by Russia. Although the producers share that they are continuing to work on the game, they hesitate to give a clear release date.

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