Space simulator No Man’s Sky received the twentieth update “Endurance”

Space simulator No Man's Sky received the twentieth update "Endurance"

The anniversary update will improve spaceships and repair hangars.

On the eve of its sixth birthday, the controversial space adventure No Man’s Sky receives another update in which the developers have overhauled cargo transporters. Heavy ships can now be used as bases and residential buildings due to new modules, compartments and a bunch of additional parts. Detailing is excellent, pilots can even control the interior design of the compartments.

Farming modules with specialized grow chambers can now be opened inside cargo ships. In these chambers, you can grow various crops and harvest them in one action, but first you will need to hire an appropriate specialist biologist and provide him with all the tools and plant seeds. One such farm will forever relieve you of hunger.

Hired specialists of various categories now move around the decks of ships, ranging from technicians to advanced engineers capable of creating technically complex mechanisms. Also, hired frigate captains and squadron pilots will drop in on you after space travel. The more specialists will work for you, the more resources you will receive.

You can now manually control the ship in No Man’s Sky by choosing visual options for basic parts or changing them without deleting them. To simplify construction, you can use pre-holograms that allow you to conveniently place new parts. The ships themselves have received improved textures and colors, and the surfaces of the hulls are now more detailed than ever before.

While flying into the far reaches of space, pilots can now encounter new organic frigates – living vessels of various shapes, colors and tentacle configurations. These creatures are made for extreme workloads and can serve well if hired. However, you should be careful, as the anomalous behavior of frigates can lead to unexpected consequences.

Space simulator No Man's Sky received the twentieth update "Endurance"

Space simulator No Man’s Sky received the twentieth update “Endurance”

All of the new features in the Endurance update are now available to all No Man’s Sky players absolutely free of charge, along with new visual effects for black holes and an expedition to the North Star.


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