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Sony stops production of PS4

Sony stops production of PS4

The life of the PS4 is slowly coming to an end. This is evidenced by the fact that Sony did not provide the latest sales figures for the console. However, the end result is still impressive.

Already at the beginning of last year, we reported that Sony was ending production of most PlayStation 4 models. Relatively recently, we also learned when Sony is supposedly ditching the console and focusing exclusively on the PlayStation 5. Added to all this, recent reports that indicate that Sony ceased to provide information about the sales of the console. This was announced by Daniel Ahmad, a well-known analyst at Niko Partners.

Table showing PlayStation 4 quarterly sales

From the data he provided, it follows that the PS4 has sold a total of about 117 million units. This puts the Sony device in first place among the most bought consoles, although the pedestal belongs to other consoles.

At the top is the wildly popular PlayStation 2, which boasts 155 million copies sold. Second place went to the Nintendo DS, which has a million fewer customers. Then GameBoy and GameBoy Color, which together give over 118 million results.

In all of this, it’s worth mentioning the Nintendo Switch, which is currently selling well and is far from dead. At the moment, it boasts 111 million copies sold. So we can assume that she will still be able to overtake the PS4.

It should also be mentioned that the PlayStation 4 was supposed to act as support for the PS5, at a time when Sony’s latest console was barely available. This was reported earlier this year in Bloomberg. Sony has tried to slightly increase production to make up for the lack of availability of the latest console. However, the situation with the availability of components is slowly but stabilizing.

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