Sony sells defective consoles. Gamers believe that the company deliberately hid the defective PS5

Sony sells defective consoles. Gamers believe that the company deliberately hid the defective PS5

The Japanese company behind the PlayStation 5 is facing legal action over disgruntled customers. Gamers believe that Sony deliberately hid the defect by allowing the sale of the console.

The management of Sony will face several anxious weeks. All thanks to Christina Trejo from Illinois in the US, who filed a lawsuit against a Japanese electronics manufacturer.

Not an isolated case.

The plaintiff, who also owns a PlayStation 5, found that the console had a tendency to completely shut down while in use. As it turned out, this was not an isolated case. In the official letter published by the girl’s lawyers, we can read that many owners struggled with frequent failures that could lead to product damage.

“Trejo and other plaintiffs allege that they often experience crashes no matter what game they play, which can lead to the loss of saved data, destruction or potential damage to the entire system,” the lawsuit’s reasoning states.

Opinions as evidence

The evidence comes from online comments from angry users over a period of nearly two years of PS5 sales. Their main theme is the unpredictable shutdown of the console during the game.

Serious accusation

Although the company repairs failed consoles, and by the rules, poor performance of the device during gameplay qualifies for repairs under warranty, Sony could be in serious trouble if the court finds it guilty of hiding product defects.

At the moment, the specific amount of compensation has not been established. However, it is likely that representatives of companies will try to resolve the issue peacefully.

Not the first lawsuit

Interestingly, this is not the first time that dissatisfied gamers complain about the quality of the Sony console. The Japanese brand was also sued last year over issues with its drifting DualSense counterparts.

So far, Sony representatives have not made any statements about this. It remains for us to follow further developments.

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