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Sonic And His Family Coming To Fall Guys!

Sonic And His Family Coming To Fall Guys!

Everyone in the universe will be the bean man…

With Fortnite, we started to see that service games swallow everything about popular culture. Fall Guys, which comes up with new themed cosmetics at every opportunity, is no different from these games. Fall Guys, who wants to celebrate the 30th birthday of our cute, fast and pretty blue hedgehog Sonic, comes up with new cosmetics.

As you know, Sonic’s own cosmetics have been in Fall Guys for a while. However, with this update, the indispensable elements of the Sonic realm are added to the game. Now Knuckles, Tails, even Dr. You will even be able to become a Robotnik (in our time Eggman). There is one more surprise in the event, which will start today and last until August 15th.

This surprise is the Fall Guys version of Sonic’s iconic first episode, Green Hill Zone. You will try to reach different achievements in this map, which is called the very creative (!) Bean Hill Zone. Just like in a classic Sonic game, you will earn points by collecting enough rings and you can spend these points in the Sonic event special market.

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