Shoulders of Giants is a co-op roguelike featuring a space frog and her robot friend

Shoulders of Giants is a co-op roguelike featuring a space frog and her robot friend

A mixture of amphibians and biotech developments will save the world in the fall.

The universe stands on the shoulders of giants, but lately these shoulders have been sinking lower and lower, unable to resist a new threat. The universe is literally decomposing under the onslaught of the forces of Entropy, step by step destroying stars and entire planets, bringing the collapse of everything in the world closer. Breaking through waves of enemies and bringing light back to the galaxy is next to impossible unless the crazy Owl takes over!


In Shoulders of Giants , the feathered leader will lead a squad of brave warriors, rushing through deadly planets to the light. The goal is to destroy all enemies, return light to the dead planets and expel all enemy forces from the universe. We must act quickly, otherwise the worlds will begin to collapse, at the same time strengthening our enemies with the emerging darkness. Going alone on such an adventure is dangerous, so call your friends!

In the classic co-op, two players are involved, one of which controls a frog in an astronaut suit, and the second a mechanical robot. The amphibian jumps high and far, and the mech shoots well and uses physical force, scattering enemies to the sides and breaking through the strongest armor. During the journey, friends will find many different items that can radically change our strengths and style of passing.

More action is to be expected in the Army of Four Survival mode, where Entropy’s full force rushes at a group of four players, increasing its onslaught with each wave. Survivors must gain a foothold in a convenient area for defense and mix various attributes, including skills and weapons, because each wave will have unique opponents. The entire game environment will also be randomly generated.

The battle for the universe in Shoulders of Giants will begin in the fall of 2022, on the Epic Store and on Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S consoles.

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