Sands of Salzaar: Update V.1.0.8 [21.07.22]

Full update log:


– Optimized the memory usage issue when opening the Intel panel – Slightly increased the base attack speed of hammers and heavy weapons, as well as the

knockback range – When you are in a stray state, as soon as you get food, you can immediately remove the penalty hunger movements
– The message section in the lower left corner will no longer display the amount of resources received by the lords, but will now pop up with a weekly income report
– Buttons for the treasury and commands of the lords are highlighted
– Optimized wooden wand attack effect – Changed city lords patrol message font color to white – Minimum ransom when attacked by hostile lord is 100 utar – Increased recommendation level for Carnage POI –
– Slightly increased Lone Wolf’s Whisper attack speed
– Fixed bug when using Shard , the description blocked the corresponding button
– Troop assembly time changed from 1-2 days to 0.5-1 day
– Troops that require improvement will not be displayed in red font when Upgrade requirements are met, but there are not enough resources. BUG FIX – Fixed a bug when using the Shard, the description of which was blocking the corresponding button

– Fixed a bug that the Umbra Cliff battle map minimum size could not be
created normally – Fixed a bug that caused Tournament Experience and Rating to not increase after winning
– Fixed a bug that caused the last Nemisha’s invasion plan could never be able to lay siege to a city while playing as a sultan
-Fixed a bug where Dakna’s main storyline could repeat dialogue with Ruha before it was completed
-Fixed a bug due to- where POSITION effects such as Burning, Poisoning and Bleeding would sometimes fail to stack
– Fixed a bug that caused some BOSSes’ attack range to be too short to deal melee damage
– Optimized some descriptions of construction parts
– Optimized the distorted description of Affliction

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