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Rumors revolve about Google Pixel 4: Release Date, Price, Design, and Camera

Rumors revolve about Google Pixel 4: Release Date, Price, Design, and Camera

Whether it is Pixel 4, Huawei Mate 30 Pro or iPhone 11, consumers all over the world are feeling an urge to get to know about the upcoming gadgets as soon as rumors pop out about their launch in the market. Apple reveals about iPhone 11 and 11 Pro while Samsung sets its ways for Note 10 and Note 10 plus. Now, it is time for Google to toss its card. Pixel 4 is a coming Google product that might make it to the top of the list. As rumors circulate in the market and over the internet, we have collected up all the details on Pixel 4.

Google Pixel 4 DATE OF RELEASE

As a custom, Google is used to launch its gadgets in the second half of the year. Pixel 2 and 2 XL and the midrange Pixel 3A and 3XL both were also introduced during October. Google has at present revealed the date for the introduction of Pixel 4, which is 15th October by the officials. The announcement was actually set by Google in New York to support the launch of Pixel 4 this October 15th.


Prices of gadgets have increased tremendously around the globe. So, it would not be surprising for the consumers if Google sets a high price for Pixel 4. The anticipated price for Pixel 4 would be around $1000. Pixel 4 is the most awaited phone of the year and even if Google sets a high price, consumers would be willing to spend this amount for their interests in order to get the finest features of this year.


The disclosed pictures of Pixel 4 over the internet show that the new design by Google is diverse than usual. In comparison with the old ones, Google has presented this time a dual-rear camera setup. Moreover, Google has announced that there will be new emotion and gesture related characteristics with a face-unlock feature. A host of sensors has been added to its front for the face unlock feature.

Digital payments will be protected beginning to end too. Some other features that are relevant to these sensors are that the users can simply skip songs, makes the calls silent or discharge the alarms by the use of only gestures such as waving hands. Rumors revealed that Pixel 4 would be available in orange and black colors. Though, leaked pictures have exposed white color in addition. The expected size of the screen can be around 5.6 to 5.8 inches for Pixel 4. The other family member (Pixel 4 XL) might launch with a size of around 6.4-6.6 inches.


Google itself announced that the phone will come in a square shape along with two rear cameras. Pixel 4 will be accommodating the magnifying power of 12.2 MP and 16MP for these rear cameras. The front camera will facilitate consumers with 8.1MP. Users all over the world believe that Pixel 4 would be worth waiting for. We expect that everything comes out to be as guaranteed and promised.

Rumors revolve about Google Pixel 4: Release Date, Price, Design, and Camera
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