Rumors about a Galaxy Fold 2 continue to heat up

Rumors about a Galaxy Fold 2 continue to heat up

Rumors about a Galaxy Fold 2 continue to heat up. According to a new study from SamMobile, Samsung’s successor to their ill-fated Galaxy Fold could be available with less storage at a cheaper price. It is confirmed that the cheaper model will have 256 GB of internal storage, and will be sold alongside a 512 GB model. By comparison, the original Galaxy Fold was only available for an eye-watering $1.980 with 512 GB of storage.

Today’s article is just the latest piece of news about the unannounced unit, but contradictory reports have been published in the past year. Bloomberg announced that Samsung was working on a pair of successors to its original Galaxy Fold in March 2019. Some of these was finally released as the Galaxy Z Flip, while the second, like the Huawei Mate X, has yet to be formally unveiled — a smartphone with a screen that folds around its exterior.

The next Galaxy Fold starts looking like a very different system depending on who you’re asking. Although Bloomberg’s initial report claimed that its display could fold outwards, later reports mentioned a “front cover” display with a V-shaped notch, indicating that its main display, like the original Fold, could fold inwards and be inaccessible when the computer is closed. This main monitor could be 7.7 inches or 8 inches in size compared to the 7.3-inch internal screen of the original Fold, depending on which sources you believe, and according to The Elec, it could come with support for Samsung’s S Pen stylus.

Although the original Galaxy Fold featured a relatively chunky notch on its main monitor, according to Max Weinbach over at XDA-Developers, its successor could feature a much smaller hole-punch notch, or even completely dissect it with an under-display camera. Xiaomi and Oppo have demonstrated under-display camera prototypes of dubious design, but the technology has yet to make it into a high-profile consumer product. According to Weinbach’s latest assessment, the next Fold may also follow the same camera array as the S20 Plus which includes a 64-megapixel telephoto camera.

However, their longevity is the most important feature of the upcoming system. The initial Fold had a tumultuous launch, causing the company to postpone its release for months with damaged review tools. The screen was still fragile even after modifications were made. The Z Flip, published earlier this year, attempted to fix the problem with an ultra-thin glass display plate, but real-world testing showed it was still quite easily scratched. All this means that Samsung still has a lot to prove about the reliability of its foldable products.

It’s uncertain when Samsung will be willing to announce its next foldable gadget, particularly now that the pandemic has disarrayed the world’s production and supply chains. In general, however, sources seem to agree that this year we could see the new system revealed anywhere between Q2 and Q3. Traditionally taking place in August with Samsung’s Note launch, SamMobile speculates that the firm might use it as a platform for a return to the Fold.

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