Rollerdrome – Pro Skater with cannons gameplay demo

Rollerdrome - Pro Skater with cannons gameplay demo

The PlayStation Underground team has posted a 7-minute video showing the gameplay of the entertaining sports action Rollerdrome – the one where elements of Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater exist along with shooting enemies and trying not to get a bullet in the head.

It turned out that the local action-component differs from the classic shooters quite noticeably. Firstly, no one asks to aim at enemies – just look roughly in their direction so that auto-targeting understands who to attack. Secondly, upcoming enemy attacks are telegraphed with special laser beams, allowing you to react in time and dodge a bullet at the last moment, receiving additional points for this. Well, there is also a time dilation, but this function can hardly be considered as something that stands out against the background of shooters.

Rollerdrome will release on August 16 for PC, PS4 and PS5.

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