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Roblox Removed ‘Ugh’ Meme Sound Due to Licensing Issues

Roblox Removed 'Ugh' Meme Sound Due to Licensing Issues

But he will forever remain in tiktok and funny cuts with memes.

The developers of Roblox fought for several years, but lost the battle for the right to use the sound oof (uh) . Now the sound will be removed from the game. He marked the death of the character – it will be replaced by another sound .

The problem arose due to a problem with the rights to the composition. For two years, its author, composer Tommy Tallarico, fought against Roblox for a particularly valuable sound. Here, he won.

What for? Well, he’s the CEO of Intellivision, which has been developing home consoles for four years and is on the brink of bankruptcy. The paid version of the sound costs 1 bucks, so Tommy’s pockets will fill with minted coins.

But Tallarico will not sleep well: uf has long established itself as one of the most popular sound effects on TikTok and YouTube, where users pay nothing for it.


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