Research shows that gamers are better decision makers.

Research shows that gamers are better decision makers.

Recent research by scientists at Georgia State University shows that video games have a positive effect on brain function. Gamers are better at sensorimotor activity, so video games can find new uses.

How was the study conducted?

47 people of student age took part in the project. 28 of them were ordinary players. The study used functional magnetic resonance imaging. The subjects lay inside the MRI machine, where scientists observed the display of brain impulses. The subjects had to use the appropriate button to indicate the direction of the animation or pause it when it was inactive. Gamers beat the competition.

The winners were characterized by increased activity in certain areas of the brain. This positively correlated with their efficiency and accuracy. However, their results on both questions did not indicate that gamers lose when measuring these parameters.

In short – gamers are simply better

The researchers, when they published their results, indicated that gamers are good candidates for cognitive decision-making training. There is simply no place for dissenters and reasons for criticizing the players.

“The results show that video games affect several subprocesses in the brain associated with feeling, perceiving, and displaying actions to improve decision-making skills.”


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