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Release date for the full version of Obsidian’s Grounded with a secret feature

Release date for the full version of Obsidian's Grounded with a secret feature

We have finally found out the release date for version 1.0 of the survival game Grounded. However, before it releases, fans are waiting for an update that will bring a secret feature.

According to a recent announcement, after more than two years of early access, the survival game Grounded is finally leaving it, meaning version 1.0 will launch on PC, XOne and XSX/S (as well as PC/Xbox Game Pass). This will happen on September 27, 2022.

Latest patch

The information in question was revealed by Grounded director Adam Brenneke in a short video posted to Twitter. At the same time, he assured fans that the latest update created with early access in mind will be released to the game’s public test server at a later date.

It will introduce several improvements and new features that Obsidian Entertainment wants to test ahead of the game’s official release, including weapon and armor upgrades.

Secret news on the way

Moreover, the final version of this patch, which the developer called “the biggest in the history of the game”, will include an additional secret element. Brenneke did not reveal exactly what he was talking about – he only mentioned that the introduction of this feature should prepare Grounded for the release of version 1.0.

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